With years of corporate experience in multiple countries, we offer a variety of services to fulfil your needs. Our strengths lie in the key areas of Management practices for Procurement, Finance and IT; with some elements of the services we offer shown in the table

Some things are harder to shake off than others. Perhaps it’s a discontented feeling after an argument or the frustration arising from something you cannot control. Personal experiences may trigger emotions that can lead to unintended consequences.

We can enable you and your employees to break free from negativity thereby increasing workplace productivity and harmony. Learn to reset and refresh with a simple effective approach from us.

We provide customised Stress Management & Well-Being Coaching to help you understand your body, learn to respond positively to stress and know what to do about it. This can create positive change and increase coherence for you to increase your resiliency, stretch your performance and fulfil your true potential.

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Project & Sustainable Change Management

Capable programme and project management is a key driver in the ongoing success of organisations embracing change.

We will help bring focus, assurance, efficiency and creativity to your projects to root out complexity, hence increasing the possibility of success within time and budget.

As change occurs, it is important to recognise that it occurs as a process, and not as an event. Treating change as a process is therefore a central component of successful change management. Effective Change Leadership lays the path for successful Change Management.

We will work with you to share our expertise and to support your organisation prepare for and managing the change and most importantly, ensure that the change is sustainable in order to benefit from your investment.

Business Planning/Mentoring & Personal Consultancy

We will work with you to create/update your Business Plan, including Financial Planning for an existing or start-up Business.

Our consultants can also act as a Business Mentor/Coach to help you through your Business Strategy/Plan process. 

Through the rich experiences we have, we can guide and support individuals in their personal tax submissions as well to ensure you optimise your financial position fully.

PSCM Performance Management & Savings Assurance

Effectiveness and efficiency are two dimensions that empirically define the measurement of Procurement performance.

We can help you with Procurement Value Definition, Value Assurance, Process Audit, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Scorecard Development, Data Analytics and other Performance metrics measurement to enhance your team’s readiness to move into more challenging categories of expenditure & responsibilities.

Financial Management, Analysis & Insights Delivery

We will work with you to create a Budget and put in place a Monthly Forecasting Process to assist Management in measuring and sustaining a healthy Business Performance.

In addition, our insights delivery will provide you with a clear picture of performance and can instil confidence in teams. We will define the measures and KPIs to establish Continuous Improvement initiatives in required areas to contribute to your organisational success.

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